About this Site

ConquerMyDepressionToday.com is devoted to sharing the Truth about depression and how to conquer it completely. This site was founded by John Gutekunst. He is a Transformation Specialist and this site serves as an integral piece to his overall Personal Transformation Practice. You can learn more about him here.


This page shares the Mission and Purpose of ConquerMyDepressionToday.com. It also shares four Key Principles that inspire this site for all of the research and work it does involving guiding others through any form of mental and/or emotional distress. This Mission and these Key Principles both serve as key values for this site.

Mission & Purpose of ConquerMyDepressionToday.com

"A mission statement is not something you write overnight... But fundamentally, your mission statement becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision and values. It becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life."

- Stephen Covey-

Rationale for CMDT.com's Purpose and Mission.

  • There is a lot of inaccurate, misleading, illogical, dangerous, and disempowering information and guidance about mental and emotional distress, including what is very commonly called depression.
  • There are certain forms of mental and/or emotional distress that are VERY serious and a cause for VERY serious concern. With certain forms of distress, suicide is on the table. That clearly is not a laughing matter.
  • There are also certain forms of mental and/or emotional distress that very likely should not have any form of medical label or formal diagnosis.


The purpose and mission of this site is to:


1) Guide you to know the difference 

IE: It is important to be able to distinguish the difference between a very concerning situation to only a slightly concerning situation. It is also good to know what is "in between" these two extremes too.


It also is important to know the difference between something that really is a disorder and disorderly vs. something that is not, and therefore very likely should not have a formal medical label or diagnosis.


2) Inspire you to find the strength that you know you have deep inside to not tolerate any level of dissatisfaction with life and/or any level of distress you are experiencing.

This is true whether you're experiencing a little, a lot, or a TON of dissatisfaction, discomfort, and/or distress. Even if it is just a little, you are on a site of this nature for a reason. Listen to that feeling that guided you here. Listen to that voice that is saying, "There MUST be more to life than this!" . Do NOT tolerate any level of lack of enjoyment of life any longer. You have the strength. You know you can find it. . . and you definitely know, deep down inside, that there is a whole lot more to life than this.


3) Bring the desire and will out of you to demand that "Life" provide you the resources and tools you need to conquer your challenge (no matter how daunting that may seem).

The goal of this site is to help you bring into your life whatever tool(s), tip(s), technique(s), perspective(s), and/or experience(s) will allow you to be able experience the incredibly freeing and healing experience of being able to say, "THAT is it! That is why I am feeling this way! THAT is what is causing all of my challenges right now! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G makes so much sense!".


When someone is experiencing any level of mental and/or emotional distress, finding THAT level of clarity is truly one of the most cathartic and liberating experiences any human can have.


Finding the cause of your problems and experiencing a moment like "THAT" is what "conquering a challenge" means when it is used on this site.


In order to have an experience like that, it is a "Law of the Universe" that you must want to have that type of experience. How can anyone achieve anything if they do not want to achieve it? This is true for conquering a challenge and also achieving your goals.


In order to achieve, you also must really, truly be willing to  do whatever it takes to make that happen, no matter how scary or humbling the thought of that may appear to be. Wanting it is a  great start. Really, truly being willing to  do whatever it takes shows just how much you want it.


You know that if you decide to look for them you can find both of these things (want / desire and will) inside of you.


4) Guide you to the best possible solutions to help you conquer whatever challenges you are presently facing and help you build the life of your dreams.

ConquerMyDepressionToday.com believes "the best" will generate:

  • The fastest solutions possible, and
  • The biggest impact and maximum results possible, and
  • It remain at the highest level possible for the longest time possible, and
  • No stones will go unturned, nothing will be wasted, and no unnecessary risks will be taken, AND
  • The experiences will also be the most fun, most enjoyable, and most rewarding experiences possible


5) All of these are provided so that once you conquer your challenge completely, you then will be able to demand that "Life" also provide you the tools and resources to take the level of fun, joy, excitement, peace, warmth, connection, and love you experience in your life to levels you never even dreamed were possible.

Conquering your personal challenges, especially depression, is an admirable accomplishment. After you have succeeded with that task, let's get you to a place where your depression is a thing of the past. IE: A place where you can say, "I conquered depression, and I don't need to focus on that anymore because now I have much bigger and more invigorating goals and aspirations that are inspiring me and motivating me on a day to day basis."


There is more to life than "conquering challenges". Chances are you have some dreams you want to pursue that your personal challenges are presently getting in the way of. Let's get those personal challenges out of the way as fast as we possibly can so you can then go on and pursue and build the life of your wildest, most passionate dreams.

Key Guiding Principles

compass background

Below are four principles that guide all of the research and work that this site conducts in its efforts to help others with mental and/or emotional distress.


Principle #1: The Client Comes First

  • Whatever solution gives the client the most power to consistently (ideally, permanently) overcome the mental and/or emotional distress they are facing is the best possible solution.


Whether the solution is some sort of physical substance or tangible device, or some sort of intangible experience and/or conversation, or some combination of both; whatever provides the best and most empowering solution to the client is the solution that should be emphasized the most (if not, solely) by the entire system and all the participants in it.


Principle #2: Some Things Are Better, and Some Are The Best

  • The Fact of the matter is that certain perspectives, philosophies, theories, belief systems, and mindsets and their related recommendations, opinions, guidance, skills, strategies, techniques, and experiences generate better results than others, and are safer and more thorough and more effective and more empowering than others too.


Said differently, some are good, some are better than good, and some are the best.


Principle #3: Good Intentions are a Start. Professionally, Results Matter in the End.

Seeing the pure hearts of people in action, observing them try to do “the right” thing, and watching them devote their lives to bringing more positivity and joy to this planet is one of the most beautiful and touching things about the entire Mental Health Industry. Many, many professionals in this industry really, truly have a pure and genuine heart.


Unfortunately (yes, unfortunately there is an “unfortunately”)…


…Unfortunately, that’s only the start. There’s a whole race to finish once you get to the starting line.


As was shared above about “the best” solutions: some results and solutions are good. Some are better than good. Some results and solutions are the best. Again, the mental “health” industry has an inherent obligation to focus on getting the best and most empowering solutions for the clients it serves.

  • Good intentions are a start. Professionally, results matter in the end.


Principle #4: Love is the Fuel and the Answer

There may be a lot of information on this site that talks about "the best" or "most effective" or "results" and other similar things. Some of this talk may not appear to be warm, compassionate, or caring. However, that could not be farther from the truth.


The reason why information of this nature is shared is because of the deep care I have for all of humanity. I truly believe each and every person can obtain the skills, values, and disciplines, and beliefs required to thoroughly enjoy their lives. I truly want every human being on this planet to enjoy their lives as much as possible.


By focusing on the best and focusing on maximum results, we can generate the maximum joy in people's lives as well. There is nothing like seeing the people you love enjoy their lives.


Ultimately, it is this deep care and love for all of mankind that fuels everything that is shared on this site. This includes some stances shared on this site that may ruffle a few feathers (IE: saying, "Sorry, but some professionals could improve their techniques and perspectives."). It also includes each and every time it is shared that "You can do it! whether you think you can or think you can't you're right!". All of these statements and everything else on this site is fueled and supported by love.


Again, love is the fuel and the answer. Often times (if not, all times), the answer to the question of, "What is best method that generates the best results in the most effective ways possible?" is the method that is fueled and supported by love.


I strongly encourage you to find love, warmth, and compassion in everything you do, including and especially in your relationship with yourself. In many ways, finding this love for yourself is step #1 in your journey to conquer depression once and for all.

Get Going in the Right Direction Again

If you're interested in working together with someone who has been there before and has some alternative perspectives that have proven to be effective, please visit the link below to learn more about working with John. This link will take you to information about working together with him that is posted on his main website- www.TheGuteLife.com. 
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