The Great Debate about Depression;

The Facts that both sides should agree on.

Article #4 of 5

16-20 Minute Read

The Great Debate about Depression;

The Facts that both sides should agree on.

Article #4 of 5

16-20 Minute Read

Who would have thought that three questions could get us this far and create such a controversy?


What is depression?

What causes depression?

What is the best way to treat depression?


These “Three Core Questions” sure have formed one Great Debate about depression.


For those that are just starting with this article, these three questions and their related debates have been reviewed and discussed at length in the previous articles in this Article Series that has prepared for The Great Debate about Depression.


As a part of this Article Series, it was revealed that The Great Debate about depression has maybe The Greatest Debate of all at its core, and that is the debate about “nature vs. nurture”.


In other words, “Are we ‘naturally’ born this way, and that is why we behave and act the way we do?” (IE: is it our nature?) . . . Or . . .“Is it because of our life experiences that we have been exposed to, and the way we were ‘nurtured’ by our caretakers and raised to as to why we behave and act this way?”. (Or is it our nurture?)


Yes, indeed, the question of “Is it our nature (and our DNA, biochemistry, etc.) that causes depression, or is it nurture (the environment we grow up in and our life experiences) that causes depression?” is definitely at the core of The Great Debate about depression.


In many ways, these Debates are also about the tangible vs. the intangible, and the physical vs. the nonphysical.


The responses and theories to the questions about nature vs. nurture are vast, and create a wide variety of perspectives, philosophies, theories, mindsets, and belief systems; and related recommendations, guidance, opinions, skills, strategies, techniques, and experiences. Consequently, a wide variety of answers and a large spectrum of belief systems exists for depression too.


Needless to say, the journey of understanding depression and attempting to overcome it can be frustrating, complex, confusing, draining, and then some.


This Article’s Purpose

The purpose as to why Articles #4 and #5 were prepared and included in the Article Series on The Great Debate is to hopefully eliminate some of the complexity and confusion to the journey of understanding depression. As the title to this Article #4 indicates, it will do this by sharing the Facts that both sides of the Great Debate should agree upon.


This discussion also will be a great primer for the fifth and final article in this article series as Article #5 focuses on the most important Fact of all in the entire Great Debate about Depression.


Facts with a Capital “F”

Please know that the word Fact with a capital “F” is used quite frequently in this article, Article Series, and this website.


Those of you that are not familiar with the Facts with a capital F, please know that I like to use this to indicate something that is undeniable, irrefutable, 100% True. Something that is equivalent to saying 2 + 2 = 4. I know it’s a little bold. I just want you to know that I do not take using the word Fact lightly, especially when I, personally, use it.


This is especially true when I discuss the most important Fact of all in Article #5.


Seeing as it is an undeniable, irrefutable, 100% true Fact- each and every person on this planet should embrace it and celebrate it. Like all things that relate to the Truth- those that embrace these Facts live a much, much different life than those that don’t.

Theme to this Article

Let’s Have some Fun.


I could just say what the Facts both sides should agree on, but that would be a little boring.


Let’s have some fun with this.


To do so, seeing as A) this is a Debate, and B) it would benefit ALL of mankind if this Debate ended; how about we tie in the topic of conflict resolution too?


That seems like a very relevant topic. It also will be a fun theme to incorporate into this discussion.


I also am a big fan of learning as much as possible. That makes it another great reason to include a theme of conflict resolution into this discussion. That is because doing this will allow us to learn more about something that every human being inevitably faces at some point in their life (IE: conflict).


Conflict Resolution 101

Contrary to what General Patton may believe, some of the best methods for resolving conflict emphasize that the key to conflict resolution is not building the biggest army. It is finding a common ground, and identifying aligned interests and priorities that both sides share.


We humans are always more powerful when we work together. We’re a lot like batteries aligned in the right direction:


When we humans combine our minds and energy, it is fascinating what we can do.


Think about the incredible amount hours and teamwork that went into making reading this article possible. The internet, cell phones, lap tops, software, etc. The list is endless. Throughout the history of mankind; all of the pieces of technology, inventions, discoveries, theories, and so much more that humans directed their energy towards that ultimately allowed this article to be produced required TONS of man hours, energy, and teamwork. I bet if you looked at all of these on a cumulative basis and all the way back in the history of mankind, the number of man-hours that went into making this specific article possible would be in the trillions.


Annihilating the other side is not the best mindset or approach. Not only does it diminish the number of people overall; when you “annihilate” you also win by force. How inspired are you when someone forces you to do something? When you’re free to choose you probably feel more invigorated (that link is an excellent book about motivating a workforce, by the way).


On an even more important level than “armies” and “number of people”; finding the common ground is the root of compassion. The skill of focusing on and embracing the Fact that you likely have something in common with the person you are in conflict with is at the core of the skill of compassion.


Compassion is incredibly important to living a deeply fulfilling and enjoyable life. So let me say this again in a different way:


The heart of the “skill of compassion” is to consistently focus on the Fact that we are all doing the best we can with the resources and skills we have available to us.


Again, find common ground.


In other words- show compassion, and be a human with a big heart.



So what do these two have in common?

So what do both sides of nature and nurture have in common?


First and foremost, they have the same intention.


They both want to understand what depression really, truly is.

They both want to understand what the root cause of depression really, truly is.

And they both want to understand what the best method of overcoming depression really, truly is.


That’s a start. Focusing on that should take some strain out of the Debate.


If you look deep and high enough, everyone really is on the same team here.


However, as was discussed in the article describing the debate about,What is depression?”, good intentions are great, but they’re only the starting point. There’s a whole race to finish after you get to the starting line.


So yes, good intentions are “good”, but they’re not enough.


Focus on this:

Fortunately, there is another dynamic that both sides can focus on (and all human beings should focus on too, quite frankly). That dynamic is this:


The specific thing that both sides of The Debate believe is the root cause of depression can be changed.


If you can change the cause of something, you should be able to change the effects too, right?


More specific to depression, there are certain undesirable and unenjoyable things that typically occur when humans are experiencing depression. If you change and modify what is causing these undesirable and unenjoyable things, then it is very likely these things will occur on a much less frequent basis.


That makes sense, right?


And that’s pretty significant too, right? If you change the cause, you also change the effects. The “effects” are very unenjoyable (hence the name- depression). Get rid of the cause, and you get rid of the effects (and the depression too!).


The First Fact Both Sides Should Agree On

I will also reiterate that yes, this is an irrefutable, undeniable, 100% true Fact.


In other words, it is 100% true that “the thing” that the nature side of the Debate believes to be the root cause of depression can be changed.


It also is 100% true that “the thing” that the nurture side of the Debate believes to be the root cause of depression can be changed too.


So this is the first Fact that both sides should agree on:


It is an undeniable, irrefutable, 100% true Fact that the root cause of Depression can be changed.


To see why this is true and indeed a Fact, please review the next few sections.

One Side at a Time

Both root causes can be changed!?

Yes, “the thing” that both sides of The Great Debate about depression claim is the root cause of depression can be changed.


They both claim the root cause is vastly different, so let’s look at one side and one extreme at a time.


Let’s Start with Nurture

We’ll start with “the nurture side” of The Great Debate.


The logic of this side as to what this side believes to be “the thing” and the root cause of depression is essentially as follows:


The Fact is that our values and beliefs affect everything we do. A terrorist has a much different view on life than a saint.


It also is a Fact that we grow up in a certain environment and atmosphere. Our brains are highly absorbent and very malleable as we grow up. Therefore, we must form those values and beliefs from the way we were “nurtured”. If the way we were raised and what we were exposed to growing up is not optimal, it is very likely to cause some degree of distress. Thus, these “less than optimal” values and beliefs can eventually cause someone to experience depression.


As you can see above, the core of their thesis is that all human behavior, actions, and things we humans do (say, think, feel, etc.) returns to values and beliefs. Thus, they believe the root cause for depression is somewhere within our values and beliefs.


Fortunately for all of mankind, yes, we can indeed change our beliefs (that is, of course, if and only if we truly want to and truly are willing to do so).


You ever believed something to be true and eventually found out you were wrong?


If you say no, think of Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny.


And remember, the world was flat at one point.


Yes, these are some very simplistic ways to show you this Fact is True. However, that does not negate the Fact that you can change your beliefs.


Change is The Easy Part

Unfortunately, changing your beliefs is the easy part. The difficult part is identifying which beliefs need to really, truly be changed. In other words, it is best to focus on finding the beliefs that, if modified and learned from, would have the biggest impact in eliminating whatever distress or dissatisfaction is presently around.


Identifying these is very difficult to do the first few times, especially without someone to guide you. I will say that if there is a will there is a way. It can be done on your own, but it is not easy. It takes a few repetitions at identifying the presenting problem and greater issue.


Having an experienced guide can save you a lot of time and energy during this process, and help ensure you are thorough and accurate.


The experience of having someone to completely confide in and completely trust can benefit you in ways that are impossible to adequately put into words until you experience for yourself. Experiencing what it is like to be completely vulnerable with someone else can also benefit you immensely in your intimate and personal relationships too.


Again, the process of identifying the specific beliefs that are holding you back is not the easiest process. A lot of this has to do with defense mechanisms that are inherently built into our psyche as a part of our “default programming” as human beings. Getting past these defense mechanisms is not easy.


What these defense mechanisms are, the process of getting past them, and the process of finding the main thing that is holding you back outlined in greater detail in’s eBook about How to Conquer Depression.


Feel free to get your free copy by signing up below.

How to conquer depression

How to Conquer Depression

Free eBook

Receive a free copy of's eBook on How to Conquer Depression by registering below. In this eBook you will find proven methods to generate a Breakthrough in your depression, and practical skills and strategies you can start using today to conquer your depression once and for all.

How to Conquer Depression

How to Conquer Depression

Free eBook
Receive a free copy of's eBook on How to Conquer Depression by registering below. In this eBook you will find proven methods to generate a Breakthrough in your depression, and practical skills and strategies you can start using today to conquer your depression once and for all.

The Other Side

Recall that we were analyzing how the root cause on each side of the nature vs. nurture Debate can be changed.


The “nurture side” of the debate is much easier to digest and accept for most people.


Saying that humans can change their beliefs (if and only if they want to) is generally an undisputed Fact that most people accept to be 100% True.


When it comes to the “nature side” of the debate, there are some Facts that are not well known to all of society quite yet. Some of these may be brand new and surprise some of you reading this.


Before we get to these Facts, we have to quickly summarize the nature side of the Great Debate.


The nature side of the Great Debate believes that “the thing” that is the root cause of depression is our biology. IE: the most extreme people in the “nature” camp believe that the root cause of depression is genetic, hereditary, has to do with our DNA, and other physical and tangible aspects of the human brain and body (including neurotransmitters, hormones, etc.).


It is also important to remember the theme that we’ve been incorporating into this article: conflict resolution.


Also remember that the heart of conflict resolution is finding a common ground, exercising the skill of compassion, and having a big heart too.


With that reminder fresh in our minds, the thing that the nature side has in common with the nurture side is that “the thing” that nature side believes is that the root cause of depression (and all human behavior) can be changed too. More specifically:


Just like beliefs and values can be changed, science has proven it to be true that it is a Fact that we can change our DNA and our genes without any medication or medical devices.


Some of you many know this, while some of you this may be your first time seeing or learning about this.


It is True. Science has proven it.


You can thank me later for being the first person to introduce you to this new research.


Prove it!

Here are some resources that support this Fact, and the dynamic that is slowly emerging as common knowledge in society today. A lot of this is coming from the fast-growing field of epigenetics.


Scientific Studies:




There are tons and tons more studies, books, and articles that exist for how our “DNA is not our Destiny”, and how our genes CAN be changed- naturally (IE: without the aid of some scientific drug, device, or method). I am certain that if you decide to start looking for them, you will find more.


The main point is that these resources above and the many, MANY more that are available if you look for them all point to the Fact that we can indeed change our genes and DNA.


Thus, not only can the root cause of the nurture side of the Debate be changed, the root cause of the nature side of the Debate can also be changed as well.


Once again, this is the First Fact that both sides of the Debate should agree on:


1) The Fact is that the root cause of depression can be changed.


This also means the following are the Second set of Facts are Facts that both sides should agree upon:


Second Set of Facts Both Sides Should Agree Upon

2a) It is a Fact that the cause always creates the effects (aka: the “symptoms").

2b) It is also a Fact that for those that are experiencing depression, the unenjoyable “symptoms” of depression are the “effects”.

2c) Thus, seeing the root cause of depression can be changed, the symptoms of depression can also be changed as well.


Let’s take this Second set of Facts a step further.


To the best of my knowledge, you cannot completely eliminate genes altogether, nor can you completely eliminate values and beliefs altogether. IE: no matter what, we still will have genes, DNA, values, and beliefs.


However, you can change the current form of these things.


Thus, logically, if the current form of our genes can be changed and if the current form of our values and beliefs can be changed; not only can they be changed- the current form can be completely eliminated.


This gives us a Third set of Facts.


Third Set of Facts Both Sides Should Agree Upon

Substitute “eliminate” for “change” in the Second Set of Facts, and you get the following:


3a) It is a Fact is that the root cause of depression can be completely changed, and therefore completely eliminated.

3b)Thus, the Fact also is the unenjoyable effects of depression can be completely eliminated as well.


The significance of all three of these Facts and Sets of Facts cannot be appreciated enough.


If someone genuinely believes that they have ZERO chance of improving or enjoying their life, it can be said that they are feeling hopeless.


Hopelessness is at the heart of despair, and mental and emotional distress (and the experience of depression).


Said differently, hopelessness is the cause of despair.


Again, it is a Fact that if you eliminate the cause, you eliminate the effects (and the symptoms).


The symptoms of depression are the effects.


Thus, if you eliminate hopelessness, you eliminate depression.


This article shows you in very detailed ways that show how hopelessness and therefore depression can be conquered, and conquered completely.


What you decide to do with this Truth and these Facts is completely up to you : )

Side Note on “Should”

When I have been describing the Facts that both sides should agree on, some of you may have noticed that wonderful little word “should”.


For whatever reasons, the Fact that depression can be conquered completely is not talked about very openly and directly in the majority of the content that is out there on depression. is doing its darnedest to change that (and would love any help and support you can provide!)


While we work towards making this revolution come true, the reality is there is not a lot of information that says, “Depression is XYZ, but most important of all, depression CAN be conquered completely!”


Today, the unfortunate Fact is that there is a TON of content out there that says, “This is how you can cope and manage with the symptoms of depression.” vs. “This is how you can conquer it completely”.


These dynamics lead me to believe that both sides of the debate still do not 100% completely agree on the Fact that depression can be conquered completely.


Maybe they’re afraid of giving the other side credit?


Maybe they’re afraid that doing so will limit the money they make? (IE: Some people believe that saying “cope and manage” = return visits for depression treatment, and that completely conquered = one-time visits only)


I don’t know exactly why.


The point is, seeing as in today’s society it is not freely talked about that depression CAN be conquered completely, it leads me to believe that both sides have not accepted the three Facts and sets of Facts outlined in this article.


Thus, seeing as they don’t quite yet, I say they “should” agree on them.

End of Article #4

So there you have it.


Those are the Facts that both sides should agree on.


The Fact is that the root cause of depression can be changed, and therefore you can also change and completely eliminate depression altogether.


This is a very powerful claim that you unfortunately do not see everywhere else.


Maybe one day that will change.


Until then, the Great Debate will continue.


That means you also need to be aware of the incredibly powerful and most important Fact of all. Learn how to capture the power of this Fact and it will Completely Transform your life.


You can learn all about this power and the most important Fact of all in the fifth and final article, which is available below.


Enjoy Article #5 to the Great Debate about Depression.

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