Reviews & Testimonails

“John is the most caring and wise man.  John helped me breakthrough my life long fear of rejection that ran through every area of my life and affected everything I attempted.

Since my break thorough session I have been able to launch my new career as I am no longer hesitant or fearful.  The breakthrough session has unleashed my power and life has opened up for me. I am so grateful.

John was able to masterfully steer me through the maze of my limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Thank you John. You have a great gift for what you do.”



Perth, Australia

“… I first started working with John because I was really Looking for a third party, unbiased perspective from someone who has a deep and profound sense and understanding of the human psychology…

…Through this [Breakthrough] experience I not only took away many   life transforming, tools, resources, and knowledge, but also was able to have a sense of relief and weight lifted off my shoulders because I realized that I am enough and that I am worthy of love.  Those two beliefs and shifts have completely transformed my life for the better…”



San Diego, California

"I liked that we dug deep and didn't just stay on the surface. It brought me a deep sense of calm to find out that my rational thinking isn't as evil as my free-spirited mind likes me to think.

The depth we reached and items we resolved really helped me sort out my thoughts. That extra clarity has helped me with all of my decision making. Overall I feel a deep sense of relief and my experience was incredibly helpful!"



Miami, Florida


 I wanted to thank you.  You have no idea how much you have helped me see some things more clearly and have led me to several breakthroughs with difficult barriers in my life.   You make me feel comfortable to open up to you because I know you have had some similar experiences and really understand.

You help me to see things from a different and more positive perspective when I seem to be stuck. You have helped me find new resources, and have a greater appreciation for my strengths. You help me to have the confidence to move forward on some of the things I have struggled with.

 Thank you, John.


- Denyse -

Harkers Island, North Carolina

Get Going in the Right Direction Again

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